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Chinathai Communications Construction Joint Venture Co., Ltd  (CCCJV) was legally registered in Nonthaburi, Thailand in January 2016, with a wide range of business scope, including port construction, dredging and reclamation, road and bridge construction, water conservancy and irrigation works, building construction and other civil engineering and infrastructure projects. With the  support of CCCJV, Chinathai  Moringo Trade Company Limited (Moringo) was incorporated in March 2015 in Nanjing, China, to provide equipment, materials and manpower from China, with a wide range of business scope including import and export, China-Thai logistics services, and so on. The companies under the management of CCCJV and Moringo are Nanjing Greenfield Construction Thailand Co Ltd;  Chinathai  Marine Engineering Co Ltd; and  Thai STL Vehicle Repairing  Service  Co.,  Ltd.
Our enterprise is now "departmental corporatization", the so-called "departmental corporatization" means that each department of the company is led by the main management personnel of each company to serve both the enterprise and the society, the leader of the legal department is a shareholder of the law firm; the import and export department is registered in both China and Thailand to carry out double customs clearance and international logistics services; the administrative department operates the tourism company; the engineering department is responsible for the operation of the project company, and so on.
I enterprise management under the management of the companies in their own professional services in their respective fields, but also closely cooperate with each other, the integration of the advantages of the company's resources to serve the community, the "company departmentalization" is also, which reflects the enterprise's "complex but not mixed, many but not chaotic" distinctive features. Under the leadership of Chairman Sun Jingshu, the business of each company is being promoted in an orderly manner, and the staff of the company adheres to the 20-word service concept of "planning beforehand, feedback afterward, everyone has something to do, and everyone has someone to do everything" to provide reliable and high-quality services for the society, enterprises, and individuals.
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Chairman: Mr. Sun Jingshu
Every successful person has a beginning, and the courage to begin is the only way to find success.
                                                      -Sun Jing Shu

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