Five industries to build a better life system
A real high-quality enterprise not only needs the direction of urban construction, but also has the ability to create urban life. We are different from other enterprises, from "port construction - road and bridge construction - building construction - freight forwarding - automobile maintenance - green energy - legal services - tourism services, for the government, enterprises, people's needs to provide accurate and rapid solutions, a full range of empowered the development of Sino-Thai construction. CCCJV&Moringo always focuses on creating high-end products, providing high-quality services and a better way of life, CCCJV&Moringo takes "Come to China-Taiwan for a better life" as the strategic vision for development, and "Attentive, Responsible, Collaborative, and Transcendent" as the core business concept of the brand. "for the brand core business concepts uphold the political construction of people "to sincere friendship, to the letter of the figure Xing, the storage of gas in the chest and open-mindedness" of the fine style.
Company Industry
China-Thailand Transportation Construction Joint Venture Co.
Roads and bridges, the pillars of a city's growth, the construction of bridges and roads determines the city's vitality. By virtue of its influence and innovative industrial strength, CCCJV creates high-quality services to support the upgrading of many cities.CCCJV has formed a unique advantage in bridge and road construction, and comprehensively undertakes and closes the loop of all kinds of bridge and road construction work.
Maolin Valley Trading Co.
Chinathai  Moringo Trade Company Limitedbased on the international logistics platform, through the integration of internal and industry resources, to build a more communicative and growth of the original freight forwarding brand ecosystem, through the continuous incubation of the original brand, to better meet the user upgrading on the demand for freight forwarding.
Nanjing Greenfield Construction Thailand Co.
Nanjing Greenfield Construction Thailand Co., Ltd. creates multi-functional buildings, constructing a building system that fulfills the five functions of residence, business, catering, entertainment and leisure, and empowers the upgrading of the city's image.
Sino-Thai Marine Engineering Co.
CME is engaged in port construction, building construction, marine engineering surveys, engineering tests, waterproofing, foundation and basic engineering, water transportation (port) engineering design and architectural engineering design projects.
Thailand STL Auto Repair Service Co.
Making Car Care Easier
Founded in 2022 in Thailand, our vision is to be the leader in the automotive service industry and our mission is to make car care easier!

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